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Dr. Jessie Fayers tCM

Jessie has been interested in Chinese Medicine and healing since she was 16 years old. Inspired by seeing acupuncture done in a music film clip in the early 90's, she sought her own first experiences of acupuncture and herbal medicine as a teenager in Sydney's Chinatown. She begun her studies in 2002 and practiced abroad for several years before returning to Australia.

Jessie brings her passion for sustainable living, gardening, diy herbalism into her practice, alongside 12 years of clinical experience in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She loves to be up to date with current health research and imparts her findings with clients as lifestyle tips, health hacks and diet advice. She continues her professional development in Chinese Medicine and pursues special interests in digestive issues, woman’s health, fertility and anxiety. She has completed her primary models with ACNEM (Nutritional and Environmental Medicine).

Jessie has been involved in numerous healthcare and permaculture projects abroad and is a volunteer acupuncturist at the Asylum Seekers Resource Center.


My Method

I use an integrative approach to health. My practice is evidence based and rooted in the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.


What to expect

A typical session involves an in depth discussion about your health. I will ask many questions about indicators of your well being and will examine your tongue and pulse. Each session, as you move closer to balance, these indicators will be re-assessed. If results are available I will analyze pathology results. Your appointment will include acupuncture and cupping, guasha and moxabustion. Included can be prescriptions for an individualized herbal formula or supplements. You will receive resources on diet and lifestyle.

Personalized care

Personalized care means that your health plan is specific to you. No two people will have the same treatment, even if they share the same symptoms. East Asian medicine uses pattern identification that are unique to each individual. This approach seeks to understand the root causes of illness, and treat the cause.

is acupuncture for me?

I am dedicated to helping my patients, some of whom have been searching for years to get their health on track. I am dedicated to complex cases. From fertility, to digestion, energy and mood. Injury and pain conditions also benefit too from the whole systems approach.
I help you to optimize recovery and prevent relapses of chronic conditions.

I aim to make your health goals achievable and empower you to understand your body. 
I work in partnership with my patients to help them achieve and sustain optimal health.


Natural approach

I am an advocate for healthy, balanced lifestyles. I respect and work with your specialist and general practitioner. I will not prescribe you any unachievable ‘extremes’. We will work together to find the right balance. You can have optimal health and enjoy life.


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